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Liz Ellerman


BBRE Practitioner, Naturopath

Liz-EllermanLiz's original degree was is accounting. She was working at City National Bank in the Cash Management Department when she became very ill. After many tests she was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis at the ripe old age of 27.  Following the traditional medical route , due to the fact, that was all she knew, within 3 weeks it was obvious her body could not tolerate the medications prescribed. Muscle relaxers, pain pills and cortisone lead to a large amount of weight gain and it was impossible to function in her daily life. So the journey began! Opening up to and studying about alternative ways to healing and health, she jumped in!

It took three and a half years for the blood work to show that she was clear of the conditions. From something negative came something wonderful!  She went back to school and earned a degree in Alternative Healing.  She continued furthering her education to receive her N.D. She has since been certified in  9 additional modalities.

She has a full time practice and also teaches an NLP practitioner and Master certification program each year. After teaching at the University of Dallas and Louisiana State University she was commissioned as an adjunct professor at the New York Law School.

Her belief is that health is a balance of harmony between the mind, body and spirit.  Find out if the challenges you are experiencing are nutritional, structural, allergy and/or have an emotional componant. Then begin the journey to health!


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